verb (past took; past participle taken)
1》 reach for and hold with one's hands.
2》 carry or bring with one; convey or guide.
    ↘remove from a place.
3》 accept or receive.
    ↘understand or accept as valid.
    ↘submit to, tolerate, or endure.
    ↘buy, rent, or subscribe to.
4》 bring into a specified state: the invasion took Europe to the brink of war.
    ↘acquire or assume (a position, state, or form).
    ↘regard or deal with in a specified way.
    ↘(take it) assume.
    ↘have sex with.
5》 experience or be affected by.
    ↘(be taken by/with) be attracted or charmed by.
    ↘(of illness) suddenly strike or afflict.
6》 make, undertake, or perform (an action or task).
    ↘act on (an opportunity).
    ↘ascertain by measurement or observation.
    ↘consume as food, drink, medicine, or drugs.
    ↘make (a photograph) with a camera.
    ↘be taught or examined in (a subject).
    ↘Brit. obtain (an academic degree) after fulfilling the required conditions.
7》 occupy (a place or position).
    ↘capture or gain possession of by force or military means.
8》 require or use up (a specified amount of time).
    ↘need or call for.
    ↘hold; accommodate.
    ↘wear or require (a particular size of garment).
    ↘Grammar have or require as part of the appropriate construction.
9》 use as a route or a means of transport.
10》 (of a plant or seed) take root or begin to grow; germinate.
    ↘(of an added substance) become successfully established.
1》 a scene or sequence of sound or vision photographed or recorded continuously at one time.
    ↘a particular version or approach: his own whimsical take on life.
2》 an amount gained or acquired from one source or in one session.
3》 Printing an amount of copy set up at one time or by one compositor.
be on the take informal take bribes.
be taken ill become ill suddenly.
have what it takes informal have the necessary qualities for success.
take something as read Brit. assume something.
take five informal, chiefly N. Amer. have a short break.
take someone in hand undertake to control or reform someone.
take something in hand start dealing with a task.
take ill (N. Amer. sick) informal become ill suddenly.
take it on one (or oneself) to do something decide to do something without asking for permission or advice.
take it out of exhaust the strength of.
take that! exclaimed when hitting someone or taking retributive action.
take one's time not hurry.
Phrasal verbs
take after resemble (a parent or ancestor).
take against Brit. begin to dislike (someone).
take something apart
1》 dismantle something.
2》 (take someone/thing apart) informal forcefully attack or defeat someone or something.
take (away) from detract from.
take something back
1》 retract a statement.
2》 return unsatisfactory goods to a shop.
3》 Printing transfer text to the previous line.
take something down write down spoken words.
take someone in cheat or deceive someone.
take something in
1》 make a garment tighter by altering its seams.
2》 Sailing furl a sail.
3》 encompass, understand, or absorb something.
4》 casually visit or attend a place or event.
take off
1》 (of an aircraft or bird) become airborne.
    ↘(of an enterprise) become successful.
2》 (also take oneself off) depart hastily.
take someone off informal, chiefly Brit. mimic someone humorously.
take something off
1》 remove clothing.
2》 deduct part of an amount.
take on Brit. informal become very upset, especially needlessly.
take someone on
1》 engage an employee.
2》 be willing or ready to meet an opponent.
take something on
1》 undertake a task or responsibility.
2》 acquire a particular meaning or quality.
take someone/thing out informal kill, destroy, or disable.
take someone out Bridge respond to a bid or double by one's partner by bidding a different suit.
take something out obtain an official document or service.
take something out on relieve frustration or anger by attacking or mistreating.
take something over
1》 (also take over) assume control of or responsibility for something.
2》 Printing transfer text to the next line.
take to
1》 begin or fall into the habit of.
2》 form a liking for.
    ↘develop an ability for.
3》 go to (a place) to escape danger.
take someone up
1》 adopt someone as a protégé.
2》 (usu. take someone up on) accept an offer or challenge from someone.
take something up
1》 begin to engage in a pursuit.
    ↘begin to hold or fulfil a position or post.
    ↘accept an offer or challenge.
2》 occupy time, space, or attention.
3》 pursue a matter further.
take up with begin to associate with.
takable (also takeable) adjective
taker noun
OE tacan 'get (especially by force), capture', from ON taka 'grasp, lay hold of', of unknown ultimate origin.

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